Project 3 – Digital App


The design phase for mobile applications should include a prototyping stage. It is at this point that users can “play” with your ideas and concepts and give you valuable feedback that shapes the final designs before you begin development. This can save time and money in development and create products that offer significantly better user experiences than ones that move from concept to production with no evaluative stages in between. Prototyping is the act of creating a model of a product so that it can be tested by users before you expend valuable development time on creating the actual product. In the sense we are using it prototypes encompass everything from simple sketches of the product interface right through to dynamic interactive computer models of the product.

  • Due Date: Nov 14 @ 8:00AM
  • File Name: Upload Link to TRACS
  • Media Design Brief: Download
  • Rubric: Download

Create an idea for a new app. This must be based on a current website that does not have a working app in the Apple App or Google Play store – or you can get another idea approved with me. Must have at least 6 screens.


– Home Screen
– Plus 5 additional screens
– One interaction per screen
– Built in
– At least 6 images throughout the app
– Create for iPhone 8 Plus Size

This project affords the student the following opportunities:

(1) to consider how design conveys meaning;
(2) to employ design principles as tools of persuasion and navigation;
(3) to select appropriate typefaces, fonts, styles, images, and image processes for use;
(4) to demonstrate an appropriate utilization of space;
(5) to create effective image and text combinations;
(6) to create a grid that: a) can be employed repeatedly; b) enables the designer to provide visual continuity from page to page; and: c) allows for design flexibility;
(7) to represent (by means of visual design) issues or ideas;
(8) to explore and expand technical and aesthetic abilities;
(9) to produce representative materials for presentation; and:
(10) to practice meeting deadlines.

You will be evaluated according to:

(1) selection/use of type and image;
(2) use of a page grid;
(3) use of design elements;
(4) overall creative ability;
(5) effectiveness in attracting and maintaining attention;
(6) readability and legibility of both text and images;
(7) quality of User Experience and User Interaction
(8) focus on the application
(9) required items

TOTAL: 100 points

Once you’re satisfied with your layout and design, copy your project link. Then submit the link through the Assignments tab on TRACS.